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23 thoughts on “About Queen Styles

  1. Talented beyond words! Weave is by far your speciality. I have always loved all the looks I was given. You move at an exceptional pace, detail oriented, and know how to style some fair with the irons. You take great direction when given a style to be imitated. Wonderful personality. The power is definitely in your hands because God granted you a gift to help transform ladies to surpass their own expectations. Continue what you do and you will always have a client within me! Oh yes and your prices are so reasonable 😉

    LOVE Styles by Queen! You ROCK!

  2. I had to share you on facebook you are now my new stylist for me and my lil one very reasonable price may God continue to guide your hands and continue to a wonderful job….

  3. All too often people are quick to complain about a bad experience but slow to report a good one. QueenStyles is by far one of the best hairdressers (weaveologist) I’ve ever had the pleasure of allowing to do my hair. I showed up a few minutes early for my appointment and she was finishing the client ahead of me. She finished a few minutes early then apologized I had to wait….I was like I was early you don’t have to apologize.

    She told me it would take her approximately 2 hours to do my hair and she kept to her word. At the end of my experience I was pleasantly surprised that she did an AMAZING job on my hair. Not thinking she couldn’t but I’ve had some horrible experiences with weave specialist who “SAID” they could do hair then you end up at home taking it down the same day.

    I will highly recommend Queen to anyone who wants a hairdresser who values your time, is EXTREMELY cordial, hospitable, and takes direction well. I gave her a picture of how I wanted my hair done and she replicated it exactly. Her prices are GENEROUS and the hair she sells is worth every dollar you will spend. I work in an extremely professional environment so my hair has to fit the part.

    My hats off to Ms. QueenStyles….my new hairdresser!!

    Ms. Michelle Taylor

    • @Michelle I want to thank you so much for what you just wrote. I’ve worked so hard to get to the point im at now and I am just trying my best to succeed. I appreciate you taking the time out your busy day to write such sweet, kind words on my website. thank you for trusting me with your hair and thank you for making me your new hairdresser. have a wonderful week and I hope to see you again soon. ur so awesome!

  4. I got my hair done by queen yesterday. She is an amazing styles.
    The hair i got from her LOVING IT!! Well worth every dime. She makes you like you are at home chatting with an old friend. I will forever be a customer of hers.. Queen you rock girl..

  5. i am looking for a new style and on friday i will try ms.queen and i hope that i will get to say the same things as u guys.

  6. I was in desperate need of a new stylist. My previous stylist only did walk-ins and was hard to get in touch with. I started doing some research and came across Queen. I loved her pictures and something pushed me contact her. I am so glad I did!! She is amazing! Talented, Timely and most of all an overall sweet person. I am so excited I now have a stylist I can trust!

    Thanks Queen!

    Donielle 🙂

  7. Wow I just got finished getting my hair whipped baby by Ma. Queenie. She was able to sew in two bundles of the Peruvian virgin natural wave hair. It has such a nice texture and light weight to it. Also, she done my hair in a timely and professional manner. This isn’t my first experience with her nor my last. Love it!❤❤❤

  8. Hi guys, I want to say how much I love my sew in by queen. I was alittle nervous cause this would be my third time tryin to get it right and boy did she. Queen did everything I asked. When she told me to look a had the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t stop saying wow. I will never go anywhere else for my sew in, she is worth every cent. On my way home I couldn’t stop looking at myself .Thank you Queen you rock.

  9. I am SO pleased with my hair purchased from Queenstyles, there is no shedding, and the curl is beautiful. Very low maintenance! Her sewins are flawless, and she is very professional. I am always pleased with my hair! Thank you! You’re an awesome stylist!

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